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Women's Onda

Women's Onda

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A low-profile aesthetic meets complete foot support. Custom orthotic cushioning designed with leading foot and ankle experts makes every step, and your whole body, feel better.

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Kit includes:

- Premium Brush - Crafted with all-natural boar hair and a laser-engraved maple handle.

- Biodegradable Cleaning Solution (115mL) -  Safe to touch and effective on all colours and shoe materials. Our cleaning solution is 98% natural, fully biodegradable, and made with zero harsh chemicals. Made with coconut & jojoba extracts. 

*Keep out of reach of children. May cause eye irritation. In case of eye contact, flush eyes thoroughly with water and get medical care. Do not ingest.

How to Use

1. Fill bowl with lukewarm water

2. Apply solution to the brush

3. Dip brush into bowl 

4. With light pressure, scrub shoe in a circular motion

5. Wipe down shoe with towel

6. Repeat steps as needed

7. Let air dry

Full Foot Support

Orthotic support that extends beyond your arch: triple-density cushioning from heel to toe creates the strongest foundation for your whole body—with lifelong ripple effects on your posture and endurance.

Returns & Exchanges

We offer complimentary returns and exchanges within 30 days from the order's delivery date.

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  • free returns & exchanges

  • custom smartfit included

  • 30-day comfort guarantee

Custom fit footwear for more energy and less stress.


You scan your feet at home, and within two weeks, your custom insoles are 3D-printed and delivered to you.

In the meantime, you can enjoy your new shoes with Casca’s standard foundation insole. The core cushioning that’s built into every pair of Cascas, enhanced with a completely custom SmartFit, gives you exactly what your feet need:

Re-destributed plantar pressure

Better balance

Kinetic chain re-alignment

Learn more about SmartFit


For Daily Wear

Your feet work hard around the clock.

Proper support becomes a seamless part of your daily routine when ergonomic design, aesthetics and incredibly resilient materials come together. The result? Footwear strong enough for your longest days.

Triple-density cushioning

Quick-dry laces

Durable rubber sole

Well people.

Well planet.

We believe we’re only as well as the world we live in.

Our end goal is to make versatile, durable, long-lasting styles that result in less consumption and waste.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Sasha Takata
Love these shoes!

I have been searching for a cute/functional pair of shoes to wear at my restaurant job. When I first found Casca, the size I ordered was too small, customer service was great and helped me exchange them in a timely manner - the next size up still didn't fit, but again the customer support was amazing - I would recommend going a size full size or half size up from what you normally wear. When I finally got the right fit, it made the bumps along the way totally worth it. These shoes are so comfy and cute, I even wear them outside of work! For restaurant employees, I would definitely recommend, but be aware that they are NOT non-slip, so you need to be very conscious of your feet when walking on slippery surfaces.

Nic S
A cut above

You get what you pay for. Casual streetwear style with superior ergonomics and build quality. Thoughtful attention to design. Its an engineered sneaker. Fits true to size. I like the understated style.

Sarah Reid
Beautiful shoe!

Most comfortable, well designed, versatile shoe ever. Thank you Casca!

Donna Ready

Absolutely LOVE these shoes, great fit and looks!!!

Marshall Johnston

Honestly, I didn't think shoes could be like this. Years of wearing Vans and I accepted my fate of uncomfortable walks and wet feet. No longer! I now bounce on clouds, step in puddles and actually use my standing desk. I'm a changed man!


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