Your feet are unique.
Now so are your shoes.

To achieve a precise fit, the Casca App maps
20,000 unique data points, to 3D print you a
one of kind FootB3D™

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How it Works

Create a FootB3D™ with these three simple steps.

1. Purchase your shoes, then Download the app on iOS or Android

2. Select your shoes from the “My Orders” page

3. Scan your foot and hit send To achieve a precise fit, the App maps your 20,000 unique data points. A custom FootB3D™ is printed to your precise specifications and shipped with your shoe purchase.


Lift OS™


Ultra-comfortable orthotics are made from performance TPU formulas that don’t compress over time. Available in FootB3D™ and our standard insole, an increased heel height gives cushioning where it’s needed most while the tapered forefoot offers better control in any terrain.


An integrated support frame locks the heel in place and provides a natural flex point that reduces strain. A patent-pending design developed with orthotic experts - it's our secret to All-Day Performance.


Designed with high-grade rubber that’s built to last and grips in any condition. The contoured sole improves lateral stability while the rounded toe enables a more continuous step.

Lift OS™

The proprietary orthotic system is featured in all shoes.
Prepare for Lift OS™.