Launching the Future of Footwear


Launching the Future of Footwear

Today marks an important step in Casca’s mission to create the future of footwear. We started this journey by questioning everything and rethinking how everyday shoes are approached from the ground up. We traveled the world, learning from orthotic experts how to properly support the foot and address a common...

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Question Everything


Evolutionary products challenge every detail.

Our design approach started with orthotic experts working to unlock peak performance. Timeless design, all-day versatility and advanced orthotics so you're never held back by what's on your feet.


Shoes with a short lifetime result in more shoes, more purchases, and more waste.

Nearly 70% of shoe industry waste is from the manufacturing process (MIT, 2013). Our lifetime-guaranteed footwear and closed-loop FootB3D™ emphasize our commitment to acting responsibly.


Accessible quality and fewer middlemen, so we're fair to customers and the innovators behind each product.

In addition, 1% of sales goes toward educational initiatives aiming to accelerate a bright future.

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