April 04, 2018

About Casca

Disruptors in every industry are challenging the status quo, moving humanity forward for the better. Casca champions this drive for positive change.

What is a Cascadian?

Our unconventional part-time sales reps, Cascadians, are involved in their communities, create and run their own local marketing initiatives and drive sales in their region. Directly or indirectly, every pair sold in your city is money in your pocket. No promo codes and no inventory, work remotely and operate in your own unique way.

Hours: Part-time

Salary: $20/pair sold in your City

You’re a Good Fit:

You might not be developing the next interstellar transporter or life-saving drug, but you’re part of the small step, giant leap movement -- determined to make the world a better place. Your boundless optimism and positive actions uplift others. You want to work with companies that share this vision and are having an exponential impact on humanity.

  • Confident in self-directed environments and working remotely
  • Prior success in a commission-based sales role
  • An orthogonal, counter-intuitive thinker
  • Fearless personality, boundless optimism and desire to change the world
  • Full of creative grass-roots marketing and growth hacking ideas
  • An entrepreneurial social maven
  • Post-secondary educated
  • Involved and vocal in your community

Bonus Points:

  • Have ‘Big Hairy Audacious Goals’ posted on your wall
  • Have read "Start with Why" by Simon Sinek and “Abundance” by Peter Diamandis

If this job isn’t for you, but you have a friend who it would be perfect for, please pass it on!


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