Meet Braden. He's our co-founder and CEO, but he's also a man of morning routine, lover of all things outdoors, and a marathon-runner in training. Amongst other things, Braden’s aim as CEO is to make sure the whole company is marching towards the same goals.

“We have an incredible team of people that all have amazing ideas and I try to make sure it's clear to everyone where we are going and why. If I can help make sure people are not getting blocked by anything and working in the best way possible for them, I feel I've done my job."

As Braden's friends and colleagues know well, he’s extremely active and prioritizes fitness every single day– whether that's snowboarding in Whistler or training for his first marathon in Paris. In fact, he claims that a hefty run (say, a leisurely 20k) is what helps him achieve his clearest mind and greatest insights. With wellness as a top priority, Braden finds comfort and "avoids chaos" with a rigid routine which usually includes drinking the same smoothie every morning or reaching for some variation of the same outfit before he heads out the door. 

“I'm a huge fan of minimizing thought when it comes to my ‘style'. Anything I can do to free up space for me to think about bigger things.”

The top 3 items he reaches for each day are his Casca’s (obviously), a pair of lululemon pants (which he has in every color), and an Everlane sweater (which he also has in every color…)

It’s not just about ease when it comes to his style. With such a dynamic schedule and an athletic lifestyle, high quality and performance materials are a key factor in what he chooses to wear, as well as what he strives for in Casca's line of products. 

Snippets from Braden's POV