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Smarter Shoes for a Smarter World

The conventional approach to daily performance, sustainability and comfort isn’t enough.

Complex problems require complex solutions.

Our technology shapes the future of footwear, providing tailored comfort and designs for modern life.
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The Future Is Made For You

3D-Printed from just 6 photos on your mobile phone, FootB3D™ is the first integrated shoe support tailored for you, and only you.

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Our Philosophy

The idea is simple. Redefine your daily shoes — help you achieve more.

Invent for disruptors, those that are always in motion.

Change expectations, through technology and thoughtful design.

Address function, comfort and consumption. Make it last, make it timeless.

Offer the most for the least. And if there’s a better way, find it.

Just like our users, always be in motion.

Accelerate a bright future for all.
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The Lab

Our Vancouver flagship store is now open.

Come view the collection and see FootB3D™ in the making..

Wednesday - Sunday
12 - 6 pm